Welcome to Mumu, the decentralized cryptocurrency where the bulls are in charge. Mumu has taken control of the market once again, join the community of bulls and never cry again!

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Mumu is known as the mascot of what many call, the Bull Market. Mumu the bull is forever in a battle with the bears, and other common business and finance memes such as Apu, to dominate and control market sentiments and direction. Mumu had complete control of the market in 2021, and has made his return this Spring of 2023.
The Mumu token is a decentralized cryptocurrency ran by a strong community of bulls. Taxes on every buy and sell are 0%, Enforcing a true Defi community environment, as the bulls run free Gathering fellow likeminded holders along the way. Mumu is very controlling and determined, when he starts to takeover, his tyrannical force is unmatched.

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Mumu Utilities


Part of the Mumu Ecosystem is the release of a token Launchpad which benefits the entire ecosystem and bring additional safety features to the presale space.


The MumuSwap offers 24/7 support through the swap Telegram Bot which will be released just after the website swap goes live. Users will then have the ability to swap ERC-20 based tokens through a Mumu Telegram Channel.

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MumuBanks has the ability to generate consistent income through Mumu tokens while continuously redistributing them to holders who support the foundation of the Mumu Token.

Mumu's NFTs

The iconic Mumu meme will soon meet the digital NFT world, through a community Mint! The Mumu NFT drop serves as a great way to show off your NFT, organically grow awareness for our token and earn additional $MUMU in the process.

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